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Funeral Costs

…we are committed to ‘Lowering the Cost of Funeralcare’

At Janice Stevens we believe funerals should be affordable to all, with no loss of quality or service provided. Costs should not dictate how well a family feel they can provide a dignified farewell to those they have lost, we offer prices starting from £1,600 for a cremation including cremation fees and £1,900 for a burial (with an existing lair) including internment fees.

We will be happy to give a breakdown of cost and provide a written estimate reflecting your choices plus disbursements*.

Funeral Cost Janice Steven

Funeral Directors Code of Practice

In accordance with The Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors Code of Practice we offer a basic funeral that will only include the following:

  • Make all necessary Funeral arrangements providing professional advice on the certification, registration of death and related documents.
  • Removal of the deceased to a suitable resting place allowing 20 running miles within normal working hours.
  • Provisions of a simple veneered coffin and conveyance by hearse direct to a local cemetery or crematorium with NO choice of day, date, and time of funeral.
  • Provide the funeral director and all necessary personnel to conduct the funeral.


Disbursements are payments that have to be made by funeral directors to third parties who are supplying a service which is either required or requested out with our costs. These could include:

  • Cemetery or Crematorium costs
  • Doctors fees for completion of cremation certificates if required
  • Floral Tributes
  • Obituaries in local or national newspapers
  • Clergy/Officiant Fee